Prenatal Yoga Privates/Group Session

Prenatal Yoga Private $60

One hour one-on-one vinyasa(flow) yoga instruction lead by me

Taught in my home or yours(added fee for travel time/gas if necessary)

No previous yoga experience necessary



Group Session(5-10 students) $100

Gather up a group of your friends for an hour session!

I can teach in my home or cometo you, whatever is more convenient for you.

Can be a group of mixed pregnant Mamas, Dads-to-be and non pregnant friends/relatives!



           Birth Sealing Ceremony

Closing the birth or sealing it is so important for many reasons. As women go through Childbirth, it is quite an ‘open’ experience.  Everything during labour is about opening; opening physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Once the baby is born, the body requires sealing or closing that which has been opened and is vulnerable.  Birth is an amazing experience but afterwards that openness can leave us empty.

A sealing ceremony closes the birthing process as she transitions into motherhood.  There are many ways of doing this; a ceremonial bath where she has a bath filled with rose petals,  fragrant water, or milk and honey to symbolically wash away the birth and recharge her with femininty and beauty.  She could then have herbal teas and blessings, honouring her for the life she has brought forth and acknowledging her birth story.

I offer this as part of a postpartum, along with the belly binding and it could be adjusted to meet the moms needs.  We would first start by listening to her birth story as this is so important for her, to have the space and to tell her story.  The room would be set up, filled with petals, candles and soft music playing. Gently she would then be asked to lie down on scarves, surrounded by warm homemade lavender and flaxseed pouches. and rose petals. Beautiful sayings would be read as she is gently tied up and tucked in and she would lay there for a resting period enveloped in warmth.

The essence of all this is about honouring new mothers, honouring their process and each deserving of having the space to be held, warmed and honoured and made to feel loved.  When we limit our care to just when a woman is pregnant, we lose the focus of the vital role that woman play in birth, life and creation.

Birth Sealing Ceremony: $50


Birth Sealing and Bengkung Binding: $250



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Crystal Minnick


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