Labor Doula Package($1,000*)


•    Complimentary Interview to make sure I am the right Doula for you. Your birth is such an intimate and special moment that I would love to be a part of, and want you to feel comfortable and confident that I am the right fit for you.

•    Phone and Email Availability for any questions or advice (I am not permitted to give medical advice so I will refer you to your doctor for anything that is more than advice from my experiences). Around the clock email and phone availability for support during the last month of your pregnancy.

•    1-2 Prenatal Visits in your home where we will go over birthing positions, birth plan, essential oils, nutrition and any other topics you would like to talk about.

•    Birth Plan Assistance in which I will answer your questions about different aspects of your birth plan and will help you write them down if requested.

•    Access to my library of prenatal, postpartum and new baby books.

•    Physical and Emotional Support during labor and delivery. I will be there by you and your partner's side as soon as my assistance is needed to help support both of you through this beautiful experience. I will help comfort you as much as I can and help ensure your birth plan and requests are respected by hospital staff.

•    Comfort During Labor including aromatherapy, relaxation and pain management techniques, position suggestion and assistance.

•    1 Postpartum Visit to help with adjusting, give any advice needed, and emotionally support new parents. One delicious vegetarian snack prepared for Mother and brought over during the postpartum visit. Breast feeding support and advice if needed.

•    New Mother Support via phone call/text or email whenever you have a question that I can answer for you!


•    Breastfeeding Support immediately after birth I will stay and help to make sure you are both comfortable with your new breastfeeding experience. I will be available via phone or additional visits(at an extra charge) for any advice thereafter and will also assist with breastfeeding, if needed, during your postpartum visit.


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*All prices are subject to HI general excise tax of 4.712%


Please print out the form below and bring with you to our initial meeting:

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Crystal Minnick


Formerly in Kailua, HI 


Now located in Southern Utah


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