Postpartum Doula Services

During a postpartum visit I am there to help with whatever the new Mom needs to help her relax and enjoy more time with her little one. Below is a list of services I have provided, if you do not see a service listed that you have in mind please ask me about it.

Light Housework. To help Mom relax and not worry about things that need to be done around the house (Dishes, Laundry, vacuuming).

Holding your little one so that you are able to sleep. I have helped new Mamas get a three hour nap in while I hold tehir little one, bringing them into Mama when they are ready to breastfeed, otheriwse feeding a prepared bottle.

Running Errands. Dropping off/picking up dry cleaning, grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, etc(additional charge for gas/mileage).

Comfort and Support. Sometimes all a Mom needs is someone to comfort her and help by supporting and listening to her. Telling your birth story to someone who understands is more healing than you know.

-Preparing Meals/Snacks. I love helping nourish a new Mama, I can bring a prepared meal at an extra cost or help prepare food in your home.

-Breastfeeding Support/Advice. Breastfeeding can be so scary at first, but with the right support it can become so easy and amazing in every way for you and baby. The benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby last for years and years along with the amazing bond it forms from the very beginning. I am here to help ensure there is a proper latch, Mom is getting enough nourishment for her and baby to breastfeed successfully along with any questions that I can answer about breastfeeding. I cannot diagnose any medical issues that may occur with breastfeeding but I do have an amazing Lactation Consultant that I can refer you to if needed.

-Confinement Services(additional fee). Traditional Chinese Physicians believe that giving birth depletes you of energy and blood, which in turn, weakens your body. It is vital to replenish your health with good nutrition during the first month, confinement period(zhor yuet or "lying-in"). The special confinement dishes and soups recommended are meant to enhance your immune system and help you regain your physical strength. This can help with healing, energy and breastmilk production. Healthy meals will be prepared in your home or mine and will be delivered weekly in labeled glass containers. Additional services included in this package are Acupuncture treatments done by a certified Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist and newborn support while I prepare the meals in your home. Contact me for information on fees and packages.


I charge $30 hourly during the day and $45 hourly during the night(minimum visit time of 5 hours) for postpartum support and offer packages at discounted rates:

- $585 20 hour postpartum package

- $1170 40 hour postpartum package


Bengkung Belly Binding Package $150(does not include the wrap so that you can purchase or make your own)

                                                   $215 hand made wrap included

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Crystal Minnick


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